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  The Importance of a Website

Since it first became a commercial entity, the Internet is the fastest growing sales medium in the world. A presence on the World Wide Web is now a necessity for all businesses, large and small. It is generally known and accepted that the digital world is now driving the nation's economic growth, helping to hold down inflation and transforming the American workplace. According to an IBM study, every dollar spent on a website can return at least two dollars annually in increased sales.

Whether your website is a virtual billboard to make the world know you are a force in the ever increasing e-commerce environment, an online marketing brochure or a virtual catalog to sell your goods or services online, the need for a web presence has never been greater. We can meet your website development needs and more. In developing your website we will work closely with you to ensure the site fits your corporate image and is easy to use on the major web browsers.

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  The Process of Defining and Building a Website

Website Design

First, we will discuss your website needs, wants and goals. taking a look at other sites -- local competitors and far afield -- to assist us in determining the required type and scope of your website to best accomplish your needs.

Next, we will listen to your ideas and ultimately suggest the best ways for your company to employ the web to promote your business. After listening and discussion, we will provide our initial concept of your site and assure that we are in sync with your goals -- prior to starting actual coding of the site itself.

Lastly, working with you each step of the way, we will design, code and develop a website of which you can be proud. We code using priciples of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, Visual Basic, Visual C# and Active Server Pages (ASP/ASPX) to provide static or dynamic pages, depending on your needs and desires.

Additional options can include the integration of your existing company literature into your website by scanning your logos, photographs, and printed material and using them within your website.

With an extensive background in database development, we can provide a web presence  that allows interactive responses to your on-line database management needs.

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  Animated Graphics

We can create custom animated graphics that add that something special to your website. Animations convey your ideas or messages in full-motion.We also have a large library of existing animated graphics - from serious to humorous -- depending on you product, service or audience -- to augment your web site.

Anything that you want to emphasize can become animated, including your company logo or slogan, menus, bullets and icons, artwork, banners, advertisements for special events and promotions, even a picture of yourself.  We produce user friendly graphics viewable on all browsers, so your customers do not have to fight to see what you have to offer, without the need for plug-ins or add-ons. We know you want your potential customers to concentrate on viewing your products and services, not trying to get there computer to see your images..

Also, we have over three gigabytes of backgrounds and buttons, as well as still and animated graphics, in our library to help make your web presence exactly what you want it to be. We also offer custom artwork, animation and graphic design.

Of note is that we design our sites to aid the visually impaired by insuring all graphics are coded to respond to word recognition software.

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  Selected Special Additions and Enhancements

 Secure Shopping Cart
  Background Music
  Photo Albums
  Interactive Database Applications
  Onsite Photography
  Photo Manipulation, Compression & Enhancement
  Animated Graphics
  Flash & SwishMax Sites

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  Expert Writing and/or Editing of Your Site

To make your website stand above the rest, clear and targeted writing is a must. If your website exists, we can edit the existing copy. If this is your first foray into the world of the web, we can help you write copy to clearly express your expertise.

  Selected Sites Designed & Developed by Michels Consulting Group

The Volunteer Center of Kern County
A basic, non-profit website.

Gaming Review Online
An online magazine with reviews of poker rooms around the world.

My Place or Yours
A realty office that specializes in Vacation Rentals.

Mt. Sinai Advanced Healthcare
 Chiropractic office of Dr. Barry Goldberg, D.C.

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