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 Corporate Manuals


Wether it is trying to pass information from management to the work force or from one employee to another, without a permanent document, it can get distorted. To insure everyone has an accurate understanding of the corporate philosophy, we can develop or revise complete, easy-to-use:

  • Employee Manuals.
  • Software Program User Manuals.
  • HR System Guidebooks.
  • Marketing Guides.
  • Technical Support Manuals.
  • Safety Manuals.
  • Reference Manuals.

Complete Documentation Services


We can help reduce the costs associated with development and managment of  technical documentation. Our business model is based on decades of experience and techniques that have consistently rendered measurable and superior performance. Wether it is for internal use or for your clients, we can provide State-of-the-Art:

  • Technical Authoring.
  • Multimedia Presentations.
  • Document Conversion.
  • On-line or Hard Copy.

 Research, Writing and Editing


In today's global market, improving efficiencies play a major role in a company's ability to meet client needs in a cost-effective manner. Due to competitive forces, a company must streamline its operational and support efforts to meet budgetary mandates. We can develop:

  • Strategy Papers
  • Corporate Histories
  • Information Papers
  • Legacy Data Conversion


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