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 Management Information System Planning

Managing Information Systems is one of the most important, but often under-staffed areas in small to medium businesses. Giving all of your employees access to the same information, at the same time, in a timely manner, improves your organization's ability to work effectively. Providing employees with State of the Art hardware and software allows them to work in the most efficient manner possible. With effective MIS Planning, we decrease your manpower requirements, increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

Hurricane Katrina and the California Wildfires are two examples of nature shutting down a business, sometimes destroying its ability to ever recover. Disaster Planning and Recovery are often overlooked, until something unexpected occurs and destroys your business' ability to continue to function. Backup systems and procedures are important and we can insure your company can continue to function after any disaster.

 Database Application Development

A business that incorporates modern database technology is one that is at the head of the class. Wether it is a vendor database or a client mailing list, we can design a custom one to meet your needs. Both PC and Internet based DBs available to meet your needs.

The most overlooked aspect of software application development is the Test Plan. We can design a comprehensive Test Plan for your software, to insure the application you are distributing is free from troublesome bugs, errors and breakdowns.

We also develop user manuals, provide technical editing and white paper editing and conduct research and/or writing to meet or exceed tough technical guidelines.

 Training and Office Automation

Software training is available on most major application programs. We can also develop training manuals, lesson plans and student materials for your proprietary software.

Using IBM's Information Study Plan methodology, we can turn your business from a pen and paper disorganization into a State of the Art automated organization.

 Microsoft Products: Authorized Dealer

From the basics of Microsoft Office software to the power of a Microsoft Business Servers, we provide it all.

  Selected Contracts and Clients

Postini, Inc., San Carlos, CA - Developed Employee Job Descriptions down five levels for over 100 employment positions.

Keynote Systems, Inc., San Mateo, CA - Provided hundreds of names and email addresses for markrting leads for fortune 500 companies.

Automated Project Management, Inc., Sanford, FL - Designed VotePro, a 10 million record interactive, web-based database containing the voting records for the previous four general elections. Available only to candidates, the program provided demographics, mailing lists and postal route walking lists based on 11 key demographic criteria.

Prosoft, Inc., Newport News, VA - Programmer/Analyst for Technical Support/Help Desk software for US Army Training Plan Development System.

US Navy, Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, VA - Lead developer and system analyst for the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) for preparing two to five year budget submissions for the US Navy Office of Management and Budget .

River City Software, Elizabeth City, NC - Editor and Senior Writer for AT & T Terranova Communications for Windows User's Manual.

AT & T Bell Labs, Red Bank, NJ - Designed and coded Help sections for Terranova Communications for Windows.

US Army, Fort Monroe, VA - Project Manager for the US Army Modernization and Training Automation Systems (AMTAS) the military's first foray in a multi-site application program using DARPA-Net (Pre-commercialized Internet).

 Is This Your HR or MIS Department?

Using Michel's Consulting Group to augment your Human Resources and MIS Department can often be the solution to your staffing needs. We all can usually laugh at Dilbert, but when we do, it is with the knowledge that there is often truth behind the humor. Let us help you improve your business, without having to trust Dogbert (the megolomaniacal dreamer of world conquest), Catbert (the Evil Director of Human Resources) and most importantly, the Pointy-Haired Boss (Proof that mean can be learned, but stupidity is inbred) to manage your needs.


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