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 ADA-Compliant, Legally Defensible Job Descriptions

  • Job descriptions are a vital part of every organization for a number of reasons. Job descriptions clarify who is responsible for what within the company and help the job holder understand the responsibilities of the position.
  • Job descriptions also help management analyze and improve the company's structure, as well as provide a basis for job evaluation, wage and salary surveys, and an equitable wage and salary structure.

 Human Resources Consulting

  • The aim of any Human Resources department is to provide a professional HR management service to the Company, Departments and individual members of staff. We work with you to develop human resource policies which are attractive in recruiting and developing a high quality workforce.

 Performance Appraisal System

  • There is a saying, “What gets measured gets done.” But before we can improve an organization, we need information from the company — we need to collect it, analyze it, and measure it. Only then can we do something about it.
  • Here are the top considerations for employee performance appraisals:
    • Create a performance review policy designed to motivate your employees and keep them on the right track.
    • Employee performance appraisals are the perfect opportunity to set and assess the employee’s workplace goals.
    • Employee evaluations allow you to reward good behavior and develop a performance improvement plan for those who need it.

 Interviewer Training with Manual


  • The employment interview has been extensively researched for over 85 years producing clear conclusions about how to optimize the effectiveness of the interview.
  • While every organization uses the interview process in their hiring practices, very few are investing in interview training to optimize their results.
  • Interviewing training helps managers learn the skills to prepare for and conduct an effective selection interview.

 Employee Manuals

  • The employee manual or handbook can be a valuable tool for any business organization.

  • It should provide detailed guidelines for the employment relationship and document company policies and procedures for the benefit of both employer and employee.

  • Employee manuals have become the focus of considerable employment-related litigation in recent years, as growing numbers of workers and employers became enmeshed in legal tangles over workplace actions and expectations.


 Outplacement Packages


  • We pride ourselves on providing personalized outplacement services featuring one-on-one time at a price below many group seminar outplacement packages
  • Whether you are downsizing 1 or 100 employees, we can provide your company with the means to offer them effective, affordable outplacement services.
  • We aim to provide friendly, but business-like service. We present you with imaginative and workable solutions, effective advice and timely information.


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