Dan & Aleda's Photo Albums

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  2007 Various Photographs
From the Monterey Aquarium to Los Gatos Art and our new fireplace, this is the spot to drop our newer photos.

  2007 Clocks
Clocks fascinate Dan and so we've started a collection of clock photographs from around the world. Most of these photos are currently from Europe.

 4/07 The Living Desert, Palm Desert/Indian Wells, CA
According to their website: "There isn’t a single word to describe all that The Living Desert is and does. We must string words together, like beads: zoo and endangered species conservation center – botanical gardens – natural history museum – wilderness park – nature preserve – education center. The thread that holds all the beads together is the word 'desert.' ”  http://www.livingdesert.org

 4/07 The Living Desert - LGB Model Trains
Model trains became a part of The Living Desert in 1998 during the annual WildLights holiday program from the day after Thanksgiving until the New Year. Because of the popularity of the display, the trains started running full time during the regular park hours beginning January 1, 2001. The trains are referred to as "G" scale, which is approximately ½ inch to the foot or 1:22.5 inches, about twice the size of Lionel trains.

  2003 - 2006 Twentynine Palms, California
Nestled in the shadow of the Joshual Tree National Park, Twentynine Palms has long been a destination of visitors who are drawn by the splendor of our wide-open vistas, crystal-clear skies and low-key style of living. In this album are a variety of dates with most in 29Palms. Also included are views of the Pioneer Town fire in 2006 that burned for days and shots of orchids from the annual Orchid Festival held at a nearby grower.

 Murals of Twentynine Palms, California
Twentynine Palms is home to twenty murals painted on business walls throughout the city and surrounding area. A vignette describing the inspiration for each mural is included with the pictures in this album. 

  2006-2007 Bakersfield (Dan's Family)
Here are some shots of Dan's family along with shots of sculptures, windmills and other interesting spots in Bakersfield, CA, where his family lives.

  2/07 London, England
We started our European adventure with a one-week stay in the Hever 
Hotel, about an hour outside of London. We took the train most days and
saw a bit of countryside as well as the city itself.

  2/07 Glasgow, Scotland
In Glasgow, we ran across a fascinating little museum that displayed artifacts and stories from a multitude of religions. One square we visited was filled with demonstrators protesting nuclear weapons on Trident submarines.

  2/07 Edinburgh, Scotland
Our day in Edinburgh was spent wandering. We visited the underground vaults and 'closes' (extremely narrow streets) where layers of underground shops existed in the 1700's. We also attended the "Whisky Experience" and learned that in Scotland, "whisky" has no letter e, as it does (whiskey) in all other places.

  2/07 Edinburgh, Scotland - Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura (Dark Room) is a delightful exhibit of painting, photos and displays that trick the eye and mind. Optical illusions, holographic changing photos, oddities and beautiful photography and paintings abound.

  2/07 Dublin, Ireland
Dublin is a charming mix of Medieval, Georgian and modern archtecture with buildings from each era sharing streets. We visited castles and cathedrals, as well as the Guiness brewery, the top of which afforded us beautiful views of the city.

  3/07 Paris, France
Paris is a beautiful city with much to see. We made a decent dent in the four days we were here, but there is still more.

  3/07 Paris, France - Musee du Louvre
Former residence of the kings of France, the Louvre houses exhibits of art from the Middle Ages to 1848. Basically, it's divided into 8 departments and is huge.

  3/07 Paris, France - Musee d'Orsay
Built in 1900 for the World Fair, the d'Orsay was originally a train station. The museum's collections include art from 1848 to 1914.

  3/07 Paris, France - Notre Dame Cathedral
Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Notre Dame is a fanatastical cathedral with exceptionally ornate walls and towers. We were also able to visit the Crypt, where an 
archeological dig is taking place, uncovering walls and living areas. 

  3/07 Brussells, Belgium
We stopped in Brussells for an afternoon on our way to Amsterdam via train. We were able to taste a variety of waffles, wander the main plaza and trek up a side street to see the world-famous Mannequin Pis. Although not dressed on the day we were there, he boasts more than 400 outfits.

  3/07 Amersterdam, Netherlands
This city is for the adventurous, that much is so. It is filled with activities and night life of all kinds. Our room here was done in silver, reflective paint with spotlights and colored florescent tubes and lay on the edge of the red-light district.

  3/07 Venice, Italy
Venice is a fascinating city with hundreds of canals and no cars on the interior. The buses and taxis are boats with gondolas for the rich and romantic. We stayed in a cute B&B about 40 minutes from downtown Venice.

  3/07 Venice, Italy - daVinci Exhibit
A group of students took the da Vinci codex and transformed the drawings into physical reality. What we have is a working model of many of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions and ideas. It was a fascinating and fun exhibit.

  3/07 Murano, Italy (Near Venice)
Murano is an island in the group of islands that include Venice. It is known for it's fine glassware, both blown and molded. We spent nearly a day here wandering the streets, visiting the Glass Museum, and seeing a blown glass demonstration that was educational as well as entertaining.

  3/07 Gatwick, England
We had a one-day stopover in Gatwick on our way to Gran Canaria, so we wandered the cute village and enjoyed an excellent meal in a pub.

  3/07 Gran Canaria, Spain (African Continent)
Gran Canaria Island is a mini-continent, exhibiting all types of climate from coastal to desert to mountainous. One minute the sun was shining, the next it was raining. Generally, though, it has a very moderate clime. The group of islands that comprise the Canary Islands are just off the coast of Morocco. A beachfront resort area for Europeans, we ran into very few (if any) Americans here.

  3/07 Gran Canaria - Cave & Hillside Dwellings
For nearly 1,000 years, a group of Gran Canarians have made their homes in dwellings either carved into the hillsides or created from existing caves.

  3/07 Gran Canaria - Meerkats
After watching all the episodes of Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet, we've grown rather attached to them. There is a meerkat sanctuary about twenty miles from here. The meerkats in this album, however, reside in Palmitos Park.

  3/07 Gran Canaria - Palmitos Park
Palmitos Park has a wide variety of birds with a few mammals, fish and other animals thrown in for good measure. It is the cleanest zoo I've ever seen and appears to be new even though celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

  3/07 Gran Canaria - Predator Birds Show
The Predator Show in Palmitos Park had a good variety of predator birds such as eagles and hawks flying directly overhead. One trainer had an eagle on my head - thank goodness I was wearing a cap.

  3/07 Gran Canaria  - Triana Shopping District
The Triana Shopping District in the older part of Las Palmas caters to the discerning shopper, with exclusive shops of all kinds. It is a wonderful place to stroll the pedestrian-only streets and window shop.

  11/06 Arizona
We visited the Grand Canyon and stood in awe. The Painted Desert is beautiful, as is the Petrified Forest. This was a very relaxing trip.

  11/06 San Diego Zoo
San Diego knows how to treat animals right in this beautiful zoo. We were only able to see about half of it in an eight-hour day. It's huge! We became members to be able to revisit and see the rest of the zoo.

  11/06 San Diego Wild Animal Park
Cruising through the Wild Animal Park, we were able to spot numerous wild animals living in natural and large habitats.

  9/06 Bahamas
We took a three-day cruise from Florida to the Bahamas and Key West, where unique shops and restaurants abound. One day was spent on an island that the cruise line owns. They fed us with a great BBQ.

  9/06 Florida
Our trip to Orlando sent us to Epcot and Universal Studios for fascinating exhibits and demonstrations. We also visited the Kennedy Space Center AKA Cape Canaveral (NASA), where we experienced hands-on demonstrations.

  9/06 Lion Country Safari, Florida
We're becoming quite experienced at tourning various wild animal parks and zoos. This one let us drive our car slowly through the park, stopping for photos as desired.

  6/06 Acapulco & Mexico City
Unfortunately, none of the Mexico City (1 day) pictures came out, but we have a few of Acapulco to share with you. We were able to visit much of the area to see open air markets and the life of those who reside there.

  12/05 Atlantic City
While we were in Atlantic City, it snowed. It was the only time I've seen snow on a beach. It looked strange and was very cold.

  12/05 New York
In New York, we visited Times Square and Ellis Island, passing by the Statue of Liberty on the ferry. We also visited West Point, where Dan attended for a year.

  12/05 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
While here, we visited Independence Hall and saw the Liberty Bell up close. We had lunch at Morimoto's, home for Iron Chef Japanese, Morimoto.

  12/05 Triana's Christmas Pictures/
We celebrated Christmas at Triana's place in Oakland. It was a very old four-plex with high ceilings and beautiful moulding in all the rooms. She did a beautiful job decorating the tree, which was delivered to her doorstep.

  9/05 House after some Remodeling
When we weren't traveling, we spent much of June, July & August painting, cleaning, installing new carpeting, making curtains, buying furniture & kitchen items, etc. There's still work to go, but it's cozy, clean, and livable now.

  8/05 Original condition of House
In June, 2005, we started work on the mobile home we purchased and had moved next to the cabin, which we turned into an office, den, sewing room and craft/workshop area. After installing a septic tank and rewiring where needed, we began remodeling the inside.

  8/05 Williamsburg, VA
The end of August found us staying at another resort in Williamsburg, where we swam, hot-tubbed and played miniature golf. For two days, we toured Colonial Williamsburg.  We also visited Jamestown and took the ferry to Surrey for peanut soup.  Dan gave me a driving tour of Fort Monroe, where he was stationed from 1984-1987.

  7/05 Hawaii
In July, 2005, we visited the island of Hawaii, also known as The Big Island. We traversed the entire island, which was a 12 hour tour, and spent other days roaming about, eating great food, and playing.

  2/05 Ensenada, Mexico & Catalina Island, CA
In February, 2005, we took a four-day cruise on the Carnival Cruise Line on the Paradise ship. In addition to all the food and fun onboard ship, we saw Catalina and Ensenada, where the rain didn't slow us down a bit.

  2004 Snow in Twentynine Palms
In November, 2004, Twentynine Palms, CA, we received several inches of snow over three days, matching the record set in 1954. It was also the first snow seen here in more than 25 years.